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the oily sea of Santa Barbara/ the oily air of Paris

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deadbeat dads usher in Big Brother

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tree-sitters vs loggers in the California redwoods

Colombian tribe threatens suicide to protest Shell and Oxy oil exploration

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the environmental costs of silicon

brave new toystore:

PBS and Microsoft have announced the production of a toy
version of the PBS children's show star Barney which will
respond to signals carried by the show, making the toy sing
along with the show, or say whatever he is programmed to say.

more info here

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the oily sea of Santa Barbara/ the oily air of Paris i was in Santa Barbara recently, and while beachcombing with friends i noticed the oil spots gathering on my feet. At the end of the day, those of us who had visited the beach found ourselves heavily tarred, and those who took a swim found oil in their hair. this was before an October 1st report from Wired news services: ''Environmental officials in California say an oil spill which occurred off the coast of Santa Barbara Sunday should be cleaned up within 72 hours. - an estimated 10,000-20,000 gallons of oil were spilled by a leak in an underwater oil pipeline.'' also from Wired News... * Officials in Paris, France, have ordered that a large part of private vehicles be kept off the city's roads today due to potentially dangerous air pollution levels. - the city is providing free public transportation to ease the effects of the vehicle ban. 10-1-97
no cost html-free document sharing and conferencing on the web check out the Nicenet Web-Based Communications tool called the Internet Classroom Assistant (ICA). It is designed for post-secondary classrooms and collaborative academic projects, but it's adaptable to any group wanting a web-based meeting place. The ICA requires a regular Web browser running on any platform and an Internet connection -- there is no charge, no software needs to be downloaded and no server needs to be set up. Go to http://www.nicenet.org and create a ''class''
computer industry gossip via RealAudio for those wanting some rich computer industry gossip (regarding privacy, Java, Apple, Netscape vs Microsoft, etc) to run on RealAudio in the background while you do other things, click here
China watchers: Some weeks ago, Chrysler unveiled its China Concept Vehicle (CCV) which it hopes to sell in developing markets. - car is made of molded plastic and weighs only 1,200 pounds. - won't be sold in US. there's a publication on the Beijing scene for China watchers here
global warning On a day when the temperature hit an unseasonable 90 degrees in Washington, the president, his wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Vice President Al Gore, Secretary of State Madeline Albright and other cabinet members, business leaders, and representatives from nongovernmental organizations discussed the dangers of global warming. This high-profile campaign is meant to garner public support for initiatives to be signed at a global conference on climate change in December in Kyoto, Japan. Panelists spoke to an audience of university students, utility commissioners, environmental advocates, and philanthropist-of-the-moment Ted Turner and wife Jane Fonda. Sketching a gloomy future, scientists said that computer modeling suggests more droughts, more catastrophic flooding, more outbreaks of infectious diseases like malaria and cholera, and more kids with asthma in the next decade. The scientists said that humans - and especially Americans - must slow consumption of the fossil fuels that emit greenhouse gasses that cause global warming. They warned that a business-as-usual approach will lead to a tripling of greenhouse emissions by 2100, and temperatures in North America will rise by about 10 degrees. Americans account for only 4 percent of the world's population, but are responsible for 25 percent of the world's greenhouse gas emissions. But the four-fifths of the world's population now putting out less than one-fourth of the greenhouse gasses - including China, India, and the nations of South America - has entered an era of development that requires the same kind of spiraling fossil-fuel consumption that drove the economies of the Western economic powers. Few incentives exist to push the great new economies toward alternative energy sources - especially given the example of the developed world. If the trend of mass fossil-fuel consumption continues, said John Holdren, Earth and planetary sciences professor at Harvard University, developing nations will pass America's emissions by 2035. "What we see in the future is a significant disruption of human health," Holdren said. source: 10-7 wired news services
deadbeat dads usher in Big Brother heard on NPR in September : The Federal Government has started a massive computer database that all employers will have to send personal info about all new hires to. While this may be the most serious invasion of privacy by the Federal Government to date, it is justified as the best strategy to catch "deadbeat deads" who are avoiding child support payments by getting jobs out of state.
NYC getting greener? New York City is proud to say it now has the largest, most ambitious recycling program in the nation. All three million households, plus public schools, and institutions receive curbside recycling collection by the Department of Sanitation.
Nader vs Gates Ralph Nader is taking on Microsoft! see this report from Salon
McKenna keeps talking check the new interview with Terence McKenna in a new webzine called C8
lethal chemical weapon storage sites: The U.S. stockpile of lethal chemical warfare munitions consists of various land mines, rockets, artillery and mortar projectiles, bombs and aerial spray tanks containing weapons such as nerve gas agents (VX and GB) and blister or mustard agents (HD, H and HT). Startech Plasma Waste Converters (PWCs)(TM) are supposed to safely and irreversibly destroy all of these hazardous materials at all of the storage sites. The U.S. stockpiles, stored in eight states throughout the country, are located in: Anniston, Alabama Pine Bluff, Arkansas Aberdeen, Maryland Pueblo, Colorado Lexington-Blue Grass, Kentucky Tooele, Utah Newport, Indiana Umatilla, Oregon There is a also a stockpile on an island in the Pacific, southwest of Hawaii, called Johnston Island. source: Tue, 14 Oct 1997 11:32:36 -0700 (PDT) X-Conference: ewire.news From: E-Wire <ewire@igc.apc.org>
cyberchic on the fashion runway A recent MIT Media Lab fashion show featured wearable computers, including a music synthesizer woven into a dress and a tunic that translates the wearer's speech into a foreign language. "People have always had a fascination with making themselves personally more powerful," says a Media Lab professor. "We used to associate that with magic. Now, we're getting close to working that magic into fully realized designs." Ideas for the future include using special conductive thread to reproduce a flexible printed circuit board woven right into a garment. (Business Week 20 Oct 97) -->also from MIT: Yenta This project is developing a software agent that finds people who have never met, but share similar interests, and introduces them to each other. Such introductions can automatically form interest groups and coalitions, and can be used to locate someone knowledgeable in a particular area. Each participating user runs a copy of the agent, and these individual copies find each other as appropriate on the network and begin the introduction process. The project is an experiment in creating a decentralized, fault-tolerant application that handles potentially sensitive information (such as people's mail, their personal files, or lists of their particular interests) in a responsible and privacy-protecting fashion, using cryptographic and other techniques. The eventual goal is ubiquitous deployment across the Internet. check here for more info
the media is sorry ''Historical truth is now eternally on the lam from a nation of apologists, spin doctors, and data massagers.'' & ''Fifty years hence, the newspapers we read today will be worthless, merely dumpsters full of apologies for historical truths they are now failing to tell.'' excerpted from Suck (Wired Digital)...October 17,1997 by Tom Dowe other work by Dowe here
From: Headwaters News <Headwaters@enews.org> To: ;@enews.org@envirolink.org Subject: FLASH: Activists occupy tree village H E A D W A T E R S F O R E S T *** F L A S H *** Update 10-02-97 -- Thursday, October 2,1997 ACTIVISTS OCCUPY TREE VILLAGE IN BEAR CREEK WATERSHED Four people perch 100 feet up as loggers fell trees within 20 feet STAFFORD, CA -- Four daring Earth First! activists climbed 100 feet up into the canopy of massive ancient redwoods today to occupy trees slated for logging within the Bear Creek watershed owned by the embattled Maxxam/Pacific Lumber Company. Maxxam/PL has been felling ancient redwood trees throughout the Bear Creek drainage in Timber Harvest Plan 1-96-574. This morning timber fallers cut trees within twenty feet of the tree-sitters before logging was halted by activists on the ground supporting the tree-sitters. The four tree-bound forest defenders were suspended by ropes and platforms lashed and tied to trees in a web of traverse lines. Loggers are unable to fell these trees as long as the activists remain. The tree-sitters vowed to remain as long as the trees are threatened. The Bear Creek logging operation is directly on the border of the Humboldt Redwoods State Park and the Maxxam/PL property line. There is no buffer zone between the cutting unit and the sensitive old-growth ecosystem of the State Park -- the largest old-growth redwood forest in existence. Furthermore, the logging is occurring on dangerously steep slopes near where dangerous and habitat-damaging mudslides occurred last winter. Activists charge that more clear-cutting against the edge of the park will further fragment and degrade the park. Likely results of this particular THP are soil loss and erosion, further mudslides into the already-damaged watershed, and blow-down of standing trees within the state park. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is in the process of creating a Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) for the entire 207,000 acres of Maxxam/Pacific Lumber-held land. Earth First! has called on the federal agency to protect all the remaining ancient forests and habitat for endangered species. "We have taken to the trees to demand that all the old-growth forests be spared from this senseless destruction," gushed tree-sitter Water from his perch above loggers. The Bear Creek watershed provides habitat for threatened and endangered bird species such as the marbled murrelet and spotted owl. "Pacific Lumber/Maxxam and CEO Hurwitz have responded to public outcry to protect the 60,000 acre Headwaters forest by liquidating the rest of the ancient forests in their holdings," said Earth First! spokesperson Alicia Little Tree. Earth First! has adopted a motto for this season's forest direct action campaign of "Not One More Ancient Tree!" "Maxxam/Palco are falling 1,000-year-old redwood trees today, endangering the lives of the four tree sitters!" said Patrick Oliver, an Earth First! activist. "It is insanity for Palco to negotiate with the federal government for a Habitat Conservation Plan even as they are destroying our remaining stands of ancient forest." Reposted from Ecotopia News Service. http://www.envirolink.org/orgs/headwaters-ef/ S E N T B Y Headwaters Sanctuary Project and Bay Area Action. Repost at will -- Please include all attributions & contact info. http://www.envirolink.org/orgs/headwaters/ | headwaters@enews.org
Colombian Indian tribe warns of mass suicide to protest Shell and Oxy oil exploration hear via RealAudio the interview with Shannon Wright, RAN's Amazon Campaign Director, on Pacifica Radio's National News and then take action!
download sutras from the Pali Cannon The input of the entirety of the words of the Buddha and his immediate disciples, as preserved in the Sri Lankan version of the Pali "Tripitaka," is now complete. The texts, consisting of an estimated thirty-five million characters, were keyed in over a period of three years, commencing in 1991. You can download it now from the Journal of Buddhist Ethics
the environmental costs of silicon "Producing a single, eight-inch silicon wafer--enough for about 250 Pentium CPUs--uses: 4,267 cubic feet of bulk gases, 3,787 gallons of waste water, 27 pounds of chemicals, 29 cubic feet of hazardous gases, and 3,023 gallons of deionized water, and generates nine pounds of hazardous waste." --from a publicly available study by Texas Instruments as reported in Bay Area Computer Currents 9-3-97 pp.49