The Big One

DIRECTOR: Michael Moore
PRODUCERS: Jeremy Gibson, Kathleen Glynn, David Mortimer
SCREENPLAY: Michael Moore
CAST: Michael Moore, Rick Nielsen, Phil Knight

A combination of investigative journalism and stand-up comedy, The Big One documents Michael Moore on his hilarious, and at times very sobering cross-country tour promoting his 1996 bestselling book, Downsize This!. (The movie's title comes from the fact that Moore doesn't understand why Britain calls itself "great.") He chats with laid-off workers, invites himself into unamused corporate offices, and even gets Nike CEO Phil Knight to admit on camera that he uses underage Indonesian labor because "Americans don't want to make shoes."

The scene at the PAYDAY candy bar factory in Centrailia, Illinois is hysterical as he succeeds in getting middle management types, who are trying hard to keep their composure, to admit that workers were being laid off because the company was doing so well. "We have to be able to compete in global markets" is the often heard refrain. There are also humourous moments as he plays silly jokes on the publishing house "tour coordinators." But for this film to do well, sans storyline, characters and plot, a new genre will be have been created. Moore also sets a precedent by devoting half of all film profits to the citizens of Moore's hometown of Flint, Michigan, still devasted by the General Motors factory shutdown.

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