Two Girls and a Guy

DIRECTOR: James Toback
PRODUCERS: Edward R. Pressman, Daniel Bigel, Chris Hanley, Mike Mailer, Gretchen McGowan
SCREENPLAY: James Toback
CAST: Robert Downey Jr., Heather Graham, Natasha Wagner, Angel David, Frederique Van Der Wal

Two equally compelling women are surprised to find out that the fantastic boyfriend they are each supposedly having a monogamous love affair with is the same struggling actor, Blake Allen (Robert Downey Jr.). Instead of walking away from this inexplicable betrayal, Carla and Lou decide to sneak up to Blake's apartment, and uncover the truth about the enigmatic Blake Allen replete with dramatic confrontation, fevered seduction, and shocking revelations.

Shot in just eleven days almost entirely in real time and with a frank sexual realism, the film tries to capture the intensity, complexity and ambiguity, as well as the comedy and confusion of modern relationships. James Toback's provocative, sexy and cinematically inventive film was not easy to deliver. While Downey was serving time in Los Angeles County Jail for violating his probation by using drugs again, the Oscar-nominated star was still allowed to leave the jail under guard and work on the movie.

However, The Los Angeles County Sheriff Sherman Block subsequently obtained a ruling from a state appeals court ordering Downey to remain in his cell (formerly inhabited by O.J. Simpson) until he completed his six-month sentence. The director's trouble didn't end there. "The ratings board genuinely hates me," Toback told Daily Variety. "They are mean, arrogant, bureaucratic bullies -- they are the sort of people that you feel are dangerous when they are in power." He was forced to cut many minutes off of his original NC-17 version.

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