The latest is: When I was Born for the 7th Time brought to us by an interglobal folk-rock band led by Tjinder Singh, a Punjabi living in UK with surprising mix of guitar, South Indian instruments, synth-samplers and other mysterious beats and turntable ditties. At first hearing, you wonder what kind of ride you are on.

As Singh puts it:

"At the start, we were not understood, but iI think it's good for people not to get the whole picture right away. Makes them think about it, and take something away from the experience."

Then you realize you are bouncing pleasantly from the mood of an ashram to the desperation of the cold streets, to the hot and sweaty mix & match London dance culture--which Asians like Singh are having an increasing influence on.

The name Cornershop suggests the classic image of Asians in London with their petty merchant operations. The music, however, suggests that the sonic landscape shifting far faster than the political map, and what was distinctly Western pop music, or Asian wannabee versions, is now a rich and diverse canvas on which dances a continuum of all the Earth's powerful beats.

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