God Lives Underwater


Jeff Turzo and David Reilly are two small-town Pennsylvania rockers with a slick melodic sense and a way with electronic gadgetry. In their home studio, they have created another even more trippy pastiche of techno beats, ominous synthesizer rifs, industrial-strength tiffs and gloomy, love-gone-bad ruminations with their third and newest album, Life in the So-Called Space Age.

You might remember the captivating theme song for the movie Johnny Mnemonic, "No More Love," which was from the groups 1995 debut album, Empty.

Fresh like the future, God Lives Underwater blips and whizzes along in the So-Called Space Age even as it whines of broken hearts. God Lives provokes, and prods... The opening track will cause you to wonder: is my equipment failing? is there an earthquake? The groups hit single video: From Your Mouth, in heavy rotation on MTV (as of April'98) is about as weird as u can hope for. We watch a young Japanese boy sitting and eating a plate full of food...backwards. That's right, he masticulates and pulls a ton of food from his mouth item by item and puts it on the plate. What's amazing is that the song is so good that you keep watching this barf-inducing madness, or is it... genius?

sound snip "From Your Mouth"