Korn's charismatic lead singer Jonathan Davis (nicknamed HIV) says the band is not out to change the world, just music. Korn is getting credited for redefining heavy rock better than anyone had in a decade. The GothRock, or hippy death metal band was a result of a 1993 merger between Sex Art and LAPD in Bakersfield, California. Davis was lead singer for Sex Art during his years as a coroner in San Francisco.

Wrapped in his breath and registering the range from vituperous rage to solemn regret, Davis squeezes out the lyrics which weigh in on such topics as sexual abuse, and cruelty in high school. Korn has made a career of transmuting pain into art and framing it with expressionist blasts of slashing guitar riffs and savagely urban drumbeats.

Korn rose to the top like a heat-seeking missile from the grassroots. Touring the states five times, they were forced into the big time arena by the ravenously enthusiastic kids who came by the droves to their shows. Their new album is Follow The Leader and includes the confident high-energy defiance of God in: Got the Life.

Korn has a live weekly Internet program, as well as their own new record label, Elementree Records, which just released a debut album for Orgy. Band member Fieldy says Korn wants to "sign some bands that everybody's scared to sign and make them as big as KORN, if not bigger. We're hurting for some good music."

Korn recently returned from a record breaking eight-week U.S. tour called "Family Values" which also featured Ice Cube, Limp Bizkit, Orgy, and Rammstein.

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