Marilyn Manson ...that's right...the 90s band with the freaky-lookin' singer and the bass player that dresses like a chick. Manson referred to his album as `...a musical ritual to bring about the apocalypse. Whether that be an Armageddon of the subconscious or destruction of the world as we know it is up to the listener to decide.'

Weighty pseudo-satanic utterances aside this is certainly an earful of impressive noise. The combination of punishing grooves and industrial malevolence saturated with dark sentiment brings to mind some of the work of Trent Reznor of NIN, Manson's friend and the man who produced the album. Where can Marilyn Manson go from here? He recently started one show by pulling a coke bottle out of his anus. What can he do to shock his audience any further?

"There's a distinct lack of leadership, idols, icons and superstars for kids to identify with," says Manson. "When I was a kid there were a lot of people that, as an escape, I could look to or look up to and it just seems like there's not that anymore. America needs that Anti-Christ figure, that Anti-Hero to save these kids from the oppression of Right Wing morality. "

"I don't resist my human emotions, I don't feel guilty for feeling lust and greed and hatred. I respect those that respect themselves and I believe in Survival of the Fittest and I think it's basic human instinct." He wears real rabbit fur.

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