Morcheeba is very much about the extraordinairily rich and deeply beautiful vocals from Skye Edwards. The live show in San Francisco "Trigger Hippie" (in San Francisco, no less) also revealed her to be the sensational point of focus for the group. This is Trip Hop, but with real songs and melodies, and not just electro-pyro-technics. DJ and the Fender Rhodes lay the decks with smooth vibemixes and guitarist Paul Godfrey sends bluesy riffs you remember while his brother Ross paints a East-West collage of string symphonics.

Their new second album following "Who Can You Trust?" is "Shoulder Holser" and it is reputed to have more (anti) gun related "messianic preaching from the cool lips of the world's sexiest chanteuse," Skye Edwards. Paul is 26 and is behind the beats, arrangements, loops and lyrics, while Ross is 21 and on guitar. Skye Edward is 26 and she serves slow... long... deep... penetrating... sensual... orgasmic... hair straightening... toe curling... organ raising...nipple hardening... spine tingling... life-altering lyrics, vocals & guitar.

Q. Is it true Morcheeba get more groupies per gig than Oasis?

A. (Paul) Look we don't want to go into detail but we certainly seem to, okay, I remember at a recent gig in San Francisco we went back to our hotel with about eighty people and had the most derranged orgy, this was very cool until the management of the hotel called the Police and we all got locked up for the night missing our gig the following day in L.A. (from their web site)

But it IS true--what they say on their website: "Sometimes, you just want to ease yourself into a comfortable frame of mind, go back to the womb, dip in a flotation tank, listen to some classic songs, or listen to Morcheeba.

Trigger Hippy with Skye Edward's sultry penetrating voice and its Ry Cooder slide-guitar riffs sends shivers down my spine..."Love love love."   Check it, and here is their bio

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