Stina Nordenstam


Stina Nordenstam is a dark haired Swedish singer/songwriter, around 26 years old, with three albums out: Memories of a Color, And She Closed Her Eyes, and the latest:. A single was released in '97 called Little Star and a new album is due this year.

Her songs are in English. They are beautiful poems with a narcotic intensity, and suggest some jazz influence as they capture the moments of a mood. Her high pitched child-like voice may annoy some, enchant others, but cannot be ignored. She has been described as a combination of Tori Amos, Bjork, and Sinead O'Connor.

The former member of Sweden's Communist Youth League turned down an offer to do a song for the new James Bond movie. She grew up listening to her father's records, such as Bartok, Satie, Coltrane, and claims they still influence her music today.

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