God Lives Underwater



Adore is their newest album following the hugely successful double album, Mellon Collie and The Infinite Sadness. Released by Virgin Records, Adore is different than any previous Pumpkins work. Combining electronic and instrumental elements, it is more sophisticated, deeper and more mellow. The Pumpkins recorded the new album in Los Angeles, and former Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron and Joey Waronker from Beck were on drums for a few songs.

it's amusing to read Billy Corgan in interviews-- he is clearly at the stage of being a major superstar while the more conventional powers that be are still unaware... he likes to complain about being bumped off a flight to St Barts for Chevy Chase, and of the police paying no attention for his pleas for more protection from overzealous fans.

i am hard pressed to think of any cuts on the new album that i don't find pleasurable to hear. this is a superb collection for any music lover, not just pumpkin fans. the song that gets under my skin the most is Appels and Oranjes (spelling deliberate). the refrain of which goes:

What if the sun refused to shine?
What if the clouds refused to rain?
What if the world refused its turn?
What if the clocks should hesitate?
What if the silence let you dream?
What if the air could let you breathe?
What if what is isn't true?
What are you going to do?

During a recent personal crisis, this song reminded me that movements of our lives are like the weather, and, like the weather, part of the forces of nature, and thus there is often not a damn thing you can do about conditions. but also, that the forces of nature that we take for granted are also alive, moving, and subject to change.

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