Sneaker Pimps

from Manchester England have discovered a shadowy realm somewhere between indie, alternative, dance, sci-fi and voodoo. Filled with unearthly grooves and provocative lyrical twists, their debut album, "Becoming X " burrows deep within the psyche.

Kelli Dayton's haunting voice, and the bands' Portishead but edgier sound is a deeply satisfying confluence. Trade magazine Melody Maker called their album "an embarrassing wealth of ridiculously strong melodies, dirty, dark and contemptuously cool."

Kelli was asked how she sees things shaping up for the turn of the Millenium. "Massive parties for grotesque people, and it just makes me really, really pessimistic, because there's so much we could be doing to change the world for the better."

The best cut is "6 Underground," but there isn't a bad cut on the entire album. With Shockwave and 28.8 or better modem, you can listen to Sneaker Pimps just like you were at a Virgin listening post. (select track #5)

Featuring prominently in the film The Saint, Sneaker Pimps' re-release of '6 Underground' is weaved seductively into Elisabeth Shue and Val Kilmer's love scene.

More wav and au samples here, lyrics here, and you can check the official band website here.