Presents Rhythmic Intelligence

An electronic sampling of Indian voices and instruments fusing modern beats with tablas and Indian vocals... it describes itself as "Indian music for the 21st century."

Vedic is presented by a relatively obscure Belgian label, Sub Rosa noted not for it's world music, but rather it's trendy DJ danceteria electronics. (Vedic is distributed in North America through Dutch East India)






From its post Talvin Singh cinematic atmospheres, to its layering of beautiful and mystical vocals, graduating to dancefloor cacophonies, Rhythmic Intelligence demonstrates that the music of modern India has begun its invasion of the West.  But it also includes the more classically-oriented "Hymn To Tripurari," and others that suggest a more timeless musical context. The music is accompanied by metaphysical sleeve notes ("Ultimately existence is non-Action and action is existence, the perpetual paradoxical paradigm of time and space.") and Sub Rosa's usual quality design.