In 1996, after being shot while covering a story, Canadian born Journalist Tyler Brule decided it was time for a change. He sought to create the last word in style and fashion in physical space, and he made it happen in Wallpaper Magazine, a slick and ultra in-the-moment home & lifestyle magazine targetted at young urban professionals.

In 1997 TIME magazine had to have a piece of this groundbreaking publication - so they bought the company. 28 year old Tyler Brule was up $1.63 million, and kept on as editorial director.

According to the TIME press release: "it proved in a very brief period of time that there is a young, sophisticated, global consumer who wants to feel connected to urban life in Sydney, L.A. and London. What is particularly interesting is that the same edition of WallpaperTM is just as relevant in the South Pacific as it is in the south of France."

Richard Atkinson, President of Time Inc. Atlantic, said, "We strongly believe that WallpaperTM will become a truly global brand." In the spirit of market domination of the global elite, Wallpaper Television is already in the works!