notes from:

Glowing in the Gulf: Radiation, Genetically Engineered Drugs, and the Gulf War Syndrome by Mitchel Cohen

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Atomic Energy, as follows: "The Report also underscores that the greatest
danger comes from uranium dust produced when projectiles hit and incinerate
vehicles.... On impact a high proportion of the metallic mass is
transformed into an aerosol whose fine particles, easily carried by the
wind, are easily absorbed.") A U.S. Army fact sheet states: "When a DU
penetrator impacts a target surface, a large portion of the kinetic energy
is dissipated as heat. This results in smoke which contains a high
concentration of DU particles. These uranium particles can be inhaled or
ingested and are toxic." (Skogman, D.P., "Depleted Uranium Facts," for
Commander, U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command, Department of the Army,
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Munitions, and Chemical Command reads: "Any system struck by a DU
penetrator can be assumed to be contaminated with DU.... Precaution must be
taken to avoid inhaling or ingesting DU particles. Respirator or protective
mask should be worn at minimum, along with gloves. Ideally, protective
clothing should be worn as well.... [After cleanup] protective clothing
should be discarded."
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Mitchel Cohen is a member of the Red Balloon Collective and the
Brooklyn Greens/Green Party of NY. He also works with the newly
formed Labor Party; the Committees of Correspondence; the
Coalition Against the Southwest Brooklyn Incinerator: the Direct
Action Network to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal, the Radical Philosophy
Association, and Blackout Books. He is the author of "BioWar: The
U.S. Government's Secret Experimentation with Biological &
Chemical Warfare;" "The Capitalist Infesto: Biotechnology and the
New World Order"; "The Capitalist System vs. The Immune System;"
and, "What Is Direct Action?," all of which are available by
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